Risk Management Institution of Australasia launches an Organizational Resilience Special Interest Group

Published: Friday, 02 October 2015 08:01

The Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) recently approved the formation of a Special Interest Group (SIG) working on Organizational Resilience. An expert panel of practitioners from around Australia will work on a 12 month project, focusing on good practice and implementation , culminating in an RMIA sponsored white paper to be released at the 2016 RMIA National Conference.  

While the SIG panel has already been formed there are still places available for suitably qualified review staff to assist with several planned projects. Please contact Suzanne Cureton suzanne.cureton@rmia.org.au or Andrea Doney  andrea.doney@rmia.org.au at the RMIA if you are interested in getting involved.

The Organizational Resilience Special Interest Group panel consists of:

Natalie Botha – Managing Director, Janelliss Australia
Mark Carrick – Director, Global Business Resilience
Adam Davis - Associate Director Advisory, KPMG
Lex Drennan – Principle Consultant, Dynamic Strategy
Steve Flohr – Manager Business Continuity Programme, ABC
Andrew Gissing – Director, Risk Frontiers
Jason Gotch – National Manager, Organisational Resilience, Foxtel
Chris Mitchell – Head of Resilience and Security, TAL
Kerry McGoldrick – Director, Risk Advisory, EY
Graeme Newton – Lead Partner, Crisis Management, Deloitte
Gary Rigby – Managing Director, Dynamiq Strategy
David Shaw – Management Consultant, Myle-Consulting
Derek Schagen – Executive Consultant, Aces/Avert Risk/Fulcrum Risk
Dan Shields – Executive Director, CQ/Risklogic/First Action
Brad Veale – Director, Risk Management, Foxtel.