DRI International publishes 6th Annual Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report

Published: Tuesday, 22 December 2020 08:53

The Sixth Annual DRI International Global Risk and Resilience Trends Report is now available. This looks at how trends developed in 2020 and how these changes might develop in 2021. Supported by the DRI Future Vision Committee, the annual Risk and Resilience Trends Report gives an analysis of both external issues (current and emerging risks) and internal concerns (resilience management as a profession).

This year's report includes an additional section dedicated to COVID-19, including how prepared organizations were for the pandemic, how they performed, and how they view the future post COVID-19 situation.

The report’s Summary Resilience Index shows that the top ten risks for 2020 based on both likelihood and impact were:

Comparisons of the 2020 rankings with those of 2019 show how quickly perceptions have changed. Five issues have risen by four or more places in the resilience index: pandemics, supply chain disruptions, protests or civil unrest, state-sponsored cyber attacks, and the business impact of an economic downturn.

Some positive take-aways were revealed in the report:

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