Aid for New York’s Hurricane Sandy Recovery reaches $16.9 billion

Published: Thursday, 22 October 2015 08:10

FEMA and the US Small Business Administration have disbursed nearly $16.9 billion for New York’s recovery since Hurricane Sandy made landfall on the East Coast three years ago.

FEMA’s Public Assistance Program has provided nearly $9.8 billion in grants to state and local governments and eligible nonprofit organizations to cover the costs of emergency response, debris removal and the repair, restoration, replacement and mitigation of damaged public facilities. Of this amount, a total of $3 billion has been dedicated for mitigation measures. In addition, approximately $512 million has been provided under FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

A majority of the 4,127 Public Assistance grants for facilities damaged by the storm include parks, beaches, marinas, water treatment plants, hospitals, schools, public housing and other public buildings. In New York, FEMA reimburses 90 percent of eligible costs. The state is responsible for covering the remaining 10 percent.

In addition to FEMA’s housing and infrastructure programs, the National Flood Insurance Program has paid nearly $4 billion in claims to flood insurance policyholders and the Small Business Administration has approved over 23,000 SBA disaster loan applicants totaling more than $1.57 billion.