A YouGov survey of 2,046 UK business decision makers has found that just over half (52 percent) say that their company has experienced disruption since the beginning of the year as a result of Brexit-related issues. 13 percent report that their business has experienced a large amount of disruption and a further 17 percent say the impact has been moderate.

Two in five businesses in the survey do a ‘moderate’ or ‘large’ portion of trade with consumers and companies in the EU. Among this group, 80 percent have had issues since the start of the year, including a quarter (27 percent) who have faced substantial disruption. Large businesses (67 percent) are more likely than small and medium sized enterprises (42 percent) to report disruption.

Looking forward, 60 percent of decision makers at companies that routinely trade with the EU say that things will get worse.

The survey was conducted between 2nd - 10th March 2021.

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