New global partnership launched to prepare for future pandemics

Published: Wednesday, 21 April 2021 08:55

A new G7-led International Pandemic Preparedness Partnership (PPP) has been launched to help ensure that the world is prepared for the next pandemic. The PPP will be chaired by UK Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance and provide its first report to leaders at June’s G7 Summit.

Established as a  public-private partnership, the PPP will bring together industry, international organizations, and leading experts. It will provide recommendations for delivering ambitious targets to more quickly develop vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics through greater global co-operation on research and development, manufacturing, clinical trials, and data-sharing.

The PPP met formally for the first time this week during a two day virtual Pandemic Preparedness Partnership Conference, taking place under the UK’s Presidency of the G7.

Speaking ahead of the Conference, Health and Social Care Secretary, Matt Hancock said:

“The COVID pandemic has shaken the world but united us in our determination to ensure no disease has such an impact in the future.
As G7 President, the UK is determined to work with our partners to build back better from coronavirus and strengthen global preparedness for future pandemics.

“This new expert group will drive our efforts in the years ahead to protect people everywhere from new diseases and to save lives.”

Chair of the PPP, Chief Scientific Adviser Sir Patrick Vallance, commented:

“COVID-19 has shown us that it’s possible to develop and deploy high-quality vaccines much faster than previously imagined. We have brought together the Pandemic Preparedness Partnership to see whether this can be accelerated even further and applied to the development of medicines and diagnostic tests.

“The group of experts from across the globe will advise the UK G7 Presidency as to how we can accelerate and scale up the development of effective vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics to save lives from future diseases with pandemic potential and I look forward to progressing such vital work.”

Melinda Gates, philanthropist and co-chair of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, said:

“The global response to COVID-19 has proved that we are most successful when we bring together scientists, businesses, governments, and collective action through multilateral institutions. This partnership will enable G7 governments to create a roadmap for building a safe, secure, and equitable future for everyone.”

The PPP Steering Group members are: