ASIS forming committee to develop new standard on ‘Security and Resilience in Organizations and their Supply Chains’

Published: Monday, 02 November 2015 09:30

In January 2016 ASIS will start work on a new standard and the organization is inviting applications to join the development committee.

The standard, entitled ‘Security and Resilience in Organizations and their Supply Chains,’ will provide a single, integrated management system designed to enable organizations to efficiently plan and prepare for events that may occur naturally, accidentally, or intentionally.

Suitably qualified professionals can apply to join the committee tasked with writing this standard, with the deadline for applications being December 18th 2015.

ASIS says that the Security and Resilience in Organizations and their Supply Chains standard will provide generic management systems requirements for managing the security and resilience related risks in organizations and their supply chains. It will combine the current ANSI/ASIS standards for organizational resilience and business continuity management into a single management system standard to enable organizations to better manage undesirable and disruptive events in their organizations and supply chains. The standard will take an enterprise security risk management approach which eliminates silos by addressing the management of risks from a holistic discipline-neutral perspective.

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