Europol issues Islamic State and al-Qaeda terrorism threat assessment

Published: Wednesday, 18 August 2021 08:20

Europol  has issued the third edition of its annual report on Online Jihadist Propaganda, which provides an analysis of ‘the major trends and developments in online propaganda of the most prominent jihadist organizations for the year 2020’.

Focusing on the Islamic State and al-Qaeda as well as their offshoots, the report addresses the trajectories of these groups, and how they have responded to shifting dynamics and attempted to overcome setbacks. 

The report says that 2020 ‘was a critical moment in the evolution of the Islamic State and al-Qaeda. Both these jihadist terrorist groups faced major blows, and had to adapt to shifting realities to survive and stay relevant. The risk of online jihadist propaganda being translated into offline violence remains high, as propaganda from both groups continues to call for lone actor attacks by individuals who have no physical connections to either group.’

Headlines from the report include:

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