Off-premise is the future for IT: Uptime Institute survey

Published: Thursday, 23 June 2016 07:48

Uptime Institute has published the results of the 2016 Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey. The sixth annual survey provides an overview of the major trends shaping IT infrastructure delivery and strategy.

According to the survey, 50 percent of senior enterprise IT executives expect the majority of IT workloads to reside off-premise in cloud or colocation sites in the future. Of those respondents, 70 survey expect that shift to occur by 2020, and 23 survey expect the shift will happen by next year.

Uptime Institute Survey findings since 2013 have shown that the majority of respondents report some percentage of their IT portfolio resides outside of their enterprise-owned data centers / centres, either in the cloud or some form of off-premise computing.  But the annual Data Center Industry Survey takes the pulse of the legacy, on-premise enterprise IT and data center operations teams, many of which are not motivated or inclined to move to cloud.  Previous results probably underrepresented the shift to cloud computing, as business units deployed in the cloud without IT Operations or Data Center personnel involvement.

Enterprise related findings include:


The sixth annual Uptime Institute Data Center Industry Survey was conducted via email in February, 2016 and includes global responses from over 1,000 data center operators and IT practitioners.