Majority of IT professionals complain of ‘overwhelming threat landscape’

Published: Monday, 18 July 2016 11:59

A study, conducted by Countercept by MWR InfoSecurity, has found that 33 percent of IT professionals spoken with believe they do not have the skills, people or technology to identify the attacks that matter. When asked to pinpoint why threats get through defences, 62 percent blamed the overwhelming threat landscape citing that they can't protect everything all of the time.

The poll, conducted during Infosecurity Europe, asked 301 IT security professionals their views of their organization’s ability to detect and deflect attacks. While the overwhelming threat landscape scored highest, pointing the finger of blame at an employee was also popular (cited by 51 percent,) closely followed by how quickly threats change (50 percent). A lack of resources was also considered a key element to an organization’s inability to prevent attacks getting through defences (46 percent).

“Many security solutions focus wholly on cyber attack prevention, but determined attackers will always find a workaround. That’s why prevention alone is not enough, and perhaps why the people spoken with during this study felt ill prepared,” suggests Peter Cohen, strategic director of Countercept. “The reality is that the odds are very much stacked in the hackers’ favour, with organizations playing catch up as they try to anticipate an attacker’s next move, trying to stay one step ahead instead of always constantly behind. But it’s not easy.”