Undocumented changes by IT teams put systems at risk of downtime and security violations

Published: Thursday, 23 April 2015 07:36

The Netwrix 2015 State of IT Changes Survey has revealed that nearly 70 percent of organizations continue to make undocumented changes and only 50 percent audit their IT infrastructures. Undocumented changes pose a threat to business continuity and the integrity of sensitive data. The survey also shows that 67 percent of companies suffer from service downtime due to unauthorised or incorrect changes to system configurations and the worst offenders are large enterprises in 73 percent of cases.

Security-wise, the overwhelming majority of organizations claim to have never made a change that turned out to be the root cause of a security breach. However, given that the majority of companies make undocumented changes and only half of them have auditing processes in place - instead relying on looking through native logs manually – their ability to prove this is questionable. What is certain is that many organizations remain in the dark about what is going on across their IT infrastructures and are not able to detect a security violation until a data breach is officially revealed.

Despite the fact that companies still have shortcomings in their change management policies, the overall results of the 2015 survey show a positive trend. More organizations have changed their approach to changes and have made some effort to establish auditing processes to achieve visibility into their IT infrastructures.

The key survey findings show that of the respondents:

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