Converged infrastructure is the solution to shadow IT says Logicalis US

Published: Thursday, 23 April 2015 07:52

Twelve reasons to use CI for targeted workloads…

According to Logicalis US tech-savvy CIOs have always known that converged infrastructure (CI) offers a myriad of technical and business advantages; what’s changing is how CI is being used – and these new implementations can quite literally spell relief for CIOs’ shadow IT woes. Targeting converged infrastructures to run mission critical applications and workloads like VDI or mobility is a perfect example: the organization gets the benefits of a converged infrastructure where they’re needed most, and the CIO establishes a high-performing working model that can be extended incrementally throughout the organization as time and resources allow.

Logicalis US gives the following twelve reasons to use CI for targeted workloads:

1. Accelerates speed to deploy new applications which means faster time to revenue

2. Increases responsiveness to business changes, aligning IT with business needs

3. Enables applications to be updated without disrupting service level agreements

4. Simplifies and standardizes an organization’s IT infrastructure

5. Reduces internal operating expenses and simplifies IT spends

6. Reduces risk by providing an IT platform that is fully supported by a single provider

7. Provides a platform that supports consistent scalability to meet business growth

8. Pre-built systems can be bolted on as needed

9. Upgrades are predictable and non-disruptive

10. Provides flexibility to meet constantly changing requirements

11. Offers a consistent foundation for IT governance, risk mitigation and compliance

12. Enables internal IT departments to deliver services that business users want and have been increasingly turning to external cloud services providers to get, effectively ending shadow IT.

To help IT pros explore this option, Logicalis is offering a downloadable white paper, ‘Converged Infrastructure for Targeted Workloads: Using Converged Infrastructures to Catapult Your IT Environment into the Future of Computing. Obtain this after registration here.