Lack of skills and resources are the top barriers to effective cyber threat detection and management

Published: Thursday, 01 June 2017 08:37

Alert Logic has published the results of a survey conducted amongst 317 security professionals in the UK, Benelux and Nordics, which reveal the latest data points and trends in cyber security.

The survey shows that the three biggest obstacles to stronger cyber security are all about skills and resources: lack of skilled employees (56 percent), followed by lack of budget (49 percent) and lack of security awareness among employees (45 percent).

37 percent of participants also agreed that a lack of skilled employees is a critical barrier holding their organization back from implementing threat management more effectively.

Commenting, Oliver Pinson-Roxburgh, EMEA director at Alert Logic said: “Tools and training cannot be a one-time investment, and conversely, require constant attention to keep cyber security threat detection tools up to date, patched, and working in an integrated fashion; on top of constantly retooling and training to keep pace with the increasing frequency, sophistication, and diversity of global threats. Your security operations strategy must be underpinned by teams that are equipped with the latest tools, threat intelligence, security content, training, time, and budget to stay ahead of new security threats.” he added.