Compliance issues are preventing greater cloud use: survey

Published: Wednesday, 13 June 2018 07:25

New research released by WinMagic shows that 87 percent of IT decision makers (ITDMs) limit their use of the cloud because of the complexity of managing regulatory compliance. A quarter (24 percent) said, it meant as a result, they only work with a single cloud vendor in their infrastructure, rather than exploit the benefits of a multi-cloud environment, such as cost effectiveness, flexibility, reliability, security and avoiding vendor lock-in.

The survey, which spoke to ITDMs in Germany, India, the UK and US, also noted that 63 percent felt the need to use multiple infrastructure management tools was also a hugely restricting factor in their use of multiple cloud vendors.

Looking specifically at managing security compliance across the enterprise, over a quarter (28 percent) stated they would “not be completely confident” IT systems met all the required processes and standards if an audit was called “today”. 7 percent went as far as to say there was “a high risk of them failing.”

Platform-agnostic management tools that enable enterprises to implement solid security and compliance policies across on-premises and cloud providers are bringing proven benefits. ITDMs reported a number of benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings:

The survey of 482 ITDMs was conducted during March 2018 in the UK, Germany, India and the US by Viga.