Companies starting to adopt a mix and match approach to IT disaster recovery

Published: Friday, 03 July 2015 07:02

The past 12 months have seen a shift in how businesses address their IT resilience, according to the latest disaster recovery market report from Plan B Disaster Recovery Ltd. The report states that a more sophisticated approach to IT disaster recovery is emerging, with businesses carving up their IT estate and adopting a range of disaster recovery solutions to meet budget and criticality of service.

The Disaster Recovery Market Research Report July 2015 analyses 200 IT and business decision makers to identify their strategies and requirements from the disaster recovery market.

Other key findings include:

Tim Dunger, managing director of Plan B Disaster Recovery says “we’re certainly seeing customers demand more flexibility and tailoring from disaster recovery suppliers. Buyers are getting smarter which is really good news for the business continuity world, but we still need to promote testing as an area that needs to take more seriously to reduce IT downtime.”

The disaster recovery market report can be found here (PDF).