Security and compliance concerns eroding confidence in the cloud

Published: Tuesday, 02 October 2018 09:26

Concerns around cyber security and data protection are eroding confidence levels in the cloud, according to a new report from Advanced. The British software and services company has found that half of the UK organizations surveyed are worried about security and 45 percent about data protection and the geographical location of data. Almost a third (28 percent) are put off from using the cloud because of recent high-profile attacks.

Many businesses are yet to use the cloud – in fact, 24 percent have no experience in the cloud – suggesting there is a job for technology providers to do in reassuring businesses on the benefits of the cloud and that, if managed properly, it is secure and helps with compliance.

An overwhelming 88 percent of respondents said that cloud providers need to do more to build confidence levels in cloud adoption. When it comes to key attributes from cloud providers, security ranked higher than the usual benefits touted by cloud providers – 71 percent of firms look for security, followed by compliance (61 percent), data held in the UK (52 percent), flexible pricing (51 percent), migration support (48 percent) and scalability (33 percent).

One of the biggest misconceptions is that organisations think the cloud is less secure than its IT services counterparts. Currently, 51 percent fear that their data isn’t secure enough in the cloud and 49 percent believe that compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become more complicated if they host their data in the cloud.

Finding the right technology partner in the journey to the cloud is therefore critical. Businesses are far more likely to trust those showing the ability to deliver continuous business improvement and take accountability for ensuring the transition to the cloud works securely, in accordance with data protection regulations and without interruption.

Other key findings from Advanced’s research include:

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