Warning given to organizations to plan for Windows 10 migration deadline

Published: Thursday, 01 November 2018 09:15

A new study from WinMagic has found that organizations are largely unprepared for when support of older versions of Microsoft’s Windows OS will be withdrawn in January 2020. When questioned about their lack of readiness for the obligatory migration to Windows 10 respondents cited IT security and fears of being exposed to a cyber security vulnerability as two areas of concern.

The study was carried out at IP Expo in London in October 2018. 150 visitors to Europe’s largest IT exhibition and conference were asked a series of questions to determine their awareness of the need to migrate to Windows 10, and to understand any concerns they might have regarding their organization’s own migration plans.

Key highlights include:

Luke Brown, VP EMEA at WinMagic, said: “The clock is ticking and if organizations don’t move fast they could find themselves scrabbling last minute to deliver a seamless and secure migration to Windows 10. The results of our survey show that there is still limited knowledge around what will be a very significant IT transition for many organizations. IT teams need to act now. If they don’t, come January 2020 they could find themselves experiencing the worst ever New Year hangover.”