Organizations failing to grasp the BYOD nettle

Published: Thursday, 16 July 2015 09:01

tyntec, a telecom-web convergence company, has issued the results of its international BYOD User Survey 2015 ‘Employees’ Choice for Mobility.’ The findings, based on responses from Spain, the UK and US, reveal sluggish adoption of BYOD policies by organizations.

The UK showed the smallest percentage of BYOD governance with a mere 18 percent of respondents claiming to have awareness of a formal policy in place. For those employees using a mobile phone for work purposes, the majority of respondents indicated a preference for separate phone numbers for work and personal usage, with Spain showing the strongest preference at 91 percent.

tyntec conducted the BYOD User Survey with SurveyMonkey collecting data from 1,320 respondents. The respondents were preselected for their employment status as working at an organization with 500 or more employees.

Key findings include:

“BYOD is the new norm, and the sooner enterprises embrace sound BYOD policies and user friendly features, the sooner they can increase productivity and eliminate concerns from its employees and IT,” said Thorsten Trapp, Cofounder and CTO of tyntec.

The survey report and infographic can be downloaded here: