Healthcare sector putting itself at risk by not dealing with legacy applications

Published: Tuesday, 19 February 2019 09:52

A new white paper entitled, ‘Legacy Applications: A Healthcare Cybersecurity Nightmare’ highlights that legacy applications continue to pose serious cyber security risks in the healthcare sector.

Co-authored by clinical and cybersecurity consultancy, Abed Graham, and healthcare data management specialists, BridgeHead Software, the white paper delves into the clinical, operational, financial and governance risks posed by providers that continue to run and maintain legacy systems, while offering a solution as to how those risks can be mitigated.

Dr Saif Abed, medical doctor, healthcare cyber warfare expert, and co-author of the white paper, comments, “Healthcare is the new frontier of cyber-crime and cyber-warfare. Attackers are looking for any way they can to compromise systems and networks at scale even if that means threatening patient care. Legacy applications, in particular, are often riddled with vulnerabilities ready to be exploited by everyone from petty opportunists to major organized crime.”

Read the white paper (registration required).