AI and machine learning now being used to improve the effectiveness of cyber attacks

Published: Tuesday, 26 February 2019 09:30

KnowBe4 has released the results of new survey-based research, ‘What Keeps You Up at Night – The 2019 Report’. The report looks at over 350 organizations globally and reveals their security weaknesses and concerns. On average, 81 percent of organizations had some degree of concern around security issues. 

Cyber crime continues to evolve and become more sophisticated. AI and machine learning are being leveraged by many criminal organizations to help them better understand how to improve their attacks and they are now targeting specific industry verticals, organizations and individuals. Increases in the frequency of ransomware, phishing and crypto jacking attacks were experienced by businesses of nearly every size, vertical and locale.

When it came to attack vectors, data breaches were the primary concern, with credential compromise coming in as a close second. Phishing and ransomware ranked next, demonstrating that organizations are still not completely prepared to defend themselves against these relatively old attack vectors.

Other key findings from the report include: