Industrial IoT cyber vulnerabilities ‘could cause multi-billion dollar losses’

Published: Wednesday, 21 August 2019 09:54

Kovrr has released a report that estimates the potential for both large and catastrophic insurance losses to the United States manufacturing industry due to recently discovered industrial IoT vulnerabilities. The research is based on the recent discovery by IoT security company, Armis, of a group of vulnerabilities in VxWorks, dubbed URGENT/11. VxWorks is a widely used industrial IoT operating system that is embedded in over 2 billion devices.

The report, ‘How Industrial IoT Could Trigger the Next Cyber Catastrophe’, covers two scenarios: one that looks at an attack on a large enterprise and the other on a widespread attack impacting 700 US manufacturers.

The report also discusses the importance of having the capability to conduct gap analysis and getting immediate visibility into potential exposure to new and emerging cyber threats.

Read the report here (PDF).