Kaspersky research shows that many businesses still rely on Windows 7 – they need to act now

Published: Monday, 02 September 2019 15:18

Many small & medium-sized businesses (SMBs) still rely on the Windows 7 operating system (OS), despite extended support coming to an end in January 2020, according to Kaspersky research. Kaspersky researchers analysed the anonymised data of OS use provided by Kaspersky Security Network users (with their consent).

“The widespread use of Windows 7 is concerning, as there is less than six months to go until this version becomes unsupported. The reasons behind this lag vary depending on the software in place, which may be unable to run on the newest OS versions, to economic reasons and even just down to habit. Nonetheless, an old OS is a cyber security risk – the cost of an incident may be substantially higher than the cost of upgrading. This is why we recommend that customers migrate to supported versions and ensure that additional security tools are in place during the transition period,” said Alexey Pankratov, Enterprise Solutions Manager, Kaspersky.

To be protected against emerging threats, Kaspersky recommends that businesses do the following: