Study finds that many organizations will miss the Windows 7 end-of-life deadline

Published: Wednesday, 13 November 2019 09:58

Ivanti has published survey results that capture the pain points and priorities of IT professionals when faced with migrating user devices to Windows 10. 59 percent of IT professionals report that they still haven’t migrated all their users to Windows 10, despite the imminent end of regular support for Windows 7 on January 14th, 2020. As many as 39 percent will not have completed their Windows 10 migration projects in time for the January deadline.

Among those that are still migrating, 38 percent said they ‘almost’ have all their users migrated, with 23 percent reporting that they expect to be complete by the Windows 7 end-of-life date.

It’s the Windows 7 end-of-life date that is driving much of Windows 10’s adoption (44 percent). However, IT professionals also named vulnerability management and mitigating security risk (23 percent), mitigating operational risk (11 percent) and improving user productivity (10 percent) as significant factors in their prioritisation of migrating to the new operating system.

When asked what has impacted their users’ migration the most, IT professionals ranked the resource time and migration costs involved (57 percent) at the top, followed by other higher IT priorities (47 percent) and concerns over application readiness and support for Windows 10 (40 percent).

This concern over application readiness is further reflected in IT professionals’ reluctancy to update or patch critical business applications. When asked what most often prevents them from performing software updates:

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