Still running Windows 7 on corporate systems? Your risk of ransomware attack is about to increase…

Published: Thursday, 09 January 2020 09:24

PCs still running Windows 7 when it passes its end of life date on the 14th of January will be significantly more at risk of ransomware, Veritas Technologies has warned. According to Veritas, 26 percent of PCs are expected to still be running the Microsoft software after support for patches and bug fixes ends.

The vulnerability to ransomware of PCs running unsupported software was demonstrated by the WannaCry virus in 2017. Despite supported PCs being pushed patches for the cryptoworm, Europol estimated that 200,000 devices in 150 countries, running older, unsupported, software became infected by WannaCry. Although just $130,000 was paid in ransoms, the impact to business is understood to have run into the billions of dollars due to lost productivity, lost data, and corrupted hardware.

Microsoft ended mainstream support of Windows 7 in 2015, giving users five years to ready themselves for the software to reach end of life.

Veritas is urging businesses running Windows 7 to prepare themselves in order to avoid the impact that vulnerability to ransomware could have on their organizations, and is offering five tips that could help to navigate the challenge: