Survey finds that two-fifths of organizations suffered data loss related downtime last year

Published: Friday, 03 April 2020 07:51

Acronis has published the results of a survey that shows that 42 percent of companies experienced a data loss event that resulted in downtime in 2019. That high number could be a result of the finding that while nearly 90 percent are backing up the IT components they’re responsible for protecting, only 41 percent back up daily – leaving many businesses with gaps in the valuable data available for recovery.

The survey was conducted for Acronis’ 2020 World Cyber Protection Week and ‘illustrates the new reality that traditional strategies and solutions to data protection are no longer able to keep up with the modern IT needs of individuals and organizations’ says Acronis.

The annual survey, completed this year by nearly 3,000 people, gauges the protection habits of users around the globe. Other findings reveal that 85 percent of organizations aren’t backing up multiple times per day, only 15 percent report they are. 26 percent back up daily, 28 percent back up weekly, 20 percent back up monthly, and 10 percent aren’t backing up at all, which can mean days, weeks, or months of data lost with no possibility of complete recovery.

Of those professional users who don’t back up, nearly 50 percent  believe backups aren’t necessary. A belief the survey contradicts with 41 percent reporting losing productivity or money due to data inaccessibility.

The survey indicated a universally high level of concern about cyber threats like ransomware. 88 percent of IT professionals reported concern over ransomware, 86 percent are concerned about cryptojacking, 87 percent are concerned about social engineering attacks like phishing, and 91 percent are concerned about data breaches.

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