(ISC)² – the non-profit association of certified cyber security professionals – has released the findings of a survey in which cyber security professionals shared insights into their current work situations during the first several weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic. In the  (ISC)² COVID-19 Cybersecurity Pulse Survey, 81 percent of respondents, all responsible for securing their organizations’ digital assets, indicated that their job function has changed during the pandemic. 90 percent indicated they themselves are now working remotely full-time.

The survey’s findings shed light on the recent adjustments that organizations have made to maintain their business operations and the impact on cyber security professionals. Findings include:

Challenges facing cyber security professionals

The survey also asked respondents to share comments about the challenges they face during COVID-19. Some of the themes that came to light included a lack of hardware to support a larger number of remote workers, the struggle between organizational priorities for quick deployment of remote technology and the commensurate level of security to protect systems, and helping end users understand and abide by security policies outside the office.

One respondent commented, “Security at this point is a best effort scenario. Speed has become the primary decision-making factor. This has led to more than a few conversations about how doing it insecurely will result in a worse situation than not doing it at all.”

About the survey

Results presented are from an online survey conducted by (ISC)²  in April 2020. The total respondent base of 256 global cyber security professionals are responsible for securing their organizations’ digital assets.