New ENISA report looks at the cyber threat landscape

Published: Friday, 03 April 2015 14:05

ENISA’s Threat Landscape 2014 (ETL 2014), which has just been published, looks at the 15 top cyber threats, cyber threat agents, cyber-attack methods and threat trends for emerging technology areas.

2014 can be characterised as the year of the data breach with many high profile data breaches demonstrating how effectively cyber threat agents abuse the security weaknesses of businesses and governments. The main lesson learned is that ‘sloppiness’ with regards to cyber security is the number one reason for breaches. This was a factor in 50 percent of the data breach cases identified in the report.

The report identifies various emerging technologies that will impact the threat landscape. These are: cyber physical systems (CPS); mobile and cloud computing; trust infrastructure, big data, and the Internet of things.

Read the report (PDF).