Immutable storage subversion attacks can present a severe threat to backup data says Asigra

Published: Friday, 30 October 2020 09:54

Asigra, Inc., has released a statement emphasizing the ‘importance of cybersecurity-enabled backup and recovery with software integrated step-up multi-factor authentication (‘Deep MFA’)’. The company says that this is increasingly important as immutability storage subversion attacks expose corporate backup repositories to hackers using stolen backup operator and administrator login credentials, leading to maliciously re-configured settings within the backup application and preventing successful data recovery operations.

Asigra says that:

“The poor or no coordination between backup and security teams attracts threat actors who prey on backup environments that are not adequately protected,” said Eran Farajun, EVP, Asigra. “You win when you’re not worth hacking. Backup software with integrated Deep MFA enabled cybersecurity and ransomware attack-loop mitigation helps managed service providers and their enterprise customers significantly raise the cost and effort for hackers who then move to easier opportunities.”