Business impacts of bot attacks explored in new report

Published: Friday, 13 August 2021 08:27

Netacea, the bot detection and mitigation specialist, has released results from a new survey-based report that reveals the high price that businesses pay because of bot traffic. According to survey respondents, automated bots operated by malicious actors cost businesses an average of 3.6 percent of their annual revenue.

The report, The Bot Management Review: What are bots costing your business?, surveyed 440 businesses across the travel, entertainment, eCommerce, financial services and telecoms sectors in the US and the UK. It found that every sector had a substantial bot problem, with two-thirds of businesses detecting website attacks. 46 percent of respondents reported mobile apps had been attacked, and 23 percent - mostly in the financial services - said bots had attacked their APIs.

While scalper bots - which automate the purchase of inventory such as game consoles and other limited availability goods faster than is possible for any legitimate user - continue to dominate headlines in 2021, businesses have been affected by all types of bots. These include account checker bots which use stolen usernames and passwords to take over accounts, sniper bots that monitor activity and swoop in at the last moment, and scraper bots that extract content and data from websites.

The Netacea research also highlighted:

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