Many UK businesses are unprepared for downtime

Published: Tuesday, 17 November 2015 07:55

According to new research only 34 percent of UK businesses could recover in a few minutes if a disaster was to occur. With three quarters (75 percent) of UK IT professionals surveyed predicting threats to their business downtime will increase in 2016, it is worrying that two thirds (66 percent) of businesses are not able to recover more quickly, says Quorum, the company that conducted the research. Business downtime is costly and can also impact an organization’s reputation especially for customer facing organizations such as those in the retail and legal sector.

With respondents citing cyber attacks and human error as the two biggest threats to business as usual, it is clear that organizations are well aware of the risks. Yet over a third (37 percent) of all UK businesses do not test their disaster recovery plans.

Overall the research, which was conducted during October 2015 and had 117 respondents, highlighted that businesses are aware of the risks but they are still not prepared in the event of a disaster.