High levels of unstructured data growth combined with a lack of visibility is increasing threats to organizational data

Published: Tuesday, 05 October 2021 08:51

Egnyte has released its 2021 Data Governance Trends Report. The report is based on a survey of 400 IT executives conducted in July 2021, examining the challenges of securing and governing unstructured content in today’s hybrid and remote work environments.

A key finding of the research is that unchecked data growth, combined with a lack of visibility, is increasing the risk of breaches, ransomware, and compliance violations dramatically. More than half of companies (52 percent) use more than ten sanctioned file storage repositories, and 40 percent report unsanctioned cloud storage in use across the organization, as well as ‘rampant use’ of informal repositories like email, Slack, and DocuSign. 

“Companies are struggling with how to get a handle on the vast amounts of unstructured data they generate, and this is going to continue as the new hybrid work model proceeds into 2022,” said Kris Lahiri, Co-Founder and Chief Security Officer at Egnyte. “IT executives are forced to look for new solutions that can meet their growing needs to house and analyse those unstructured data sets and keep their content safe no matter where it is accessed.” 

With companies continuing to see their data expand, six major trends emerged in the 2021 Data Governance Trends report: 

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