Devo Technology has released the results of a new study that found that artificial intelligence (AI) ‘is an innovation battleground between cybercriminals and enterprises’.

The study found that more than 30 percent of cyber security pros admit that malicious actors are more adept at using AI to attack their organization than they are at leveraging AI in-house for defense / defence.

The study also reveals the extent to which organizations are struggling to effectively implement AI to aid and augment cyber security efforts, with more than 50 percent having to undertake major changes, or reset and start over.

The report, conducted by Wakefield Research on behalf of Devo earlier this year, surveyed 200 IT security professionals. The report covers enterprise AI implementations that assist in a gamut of internal defensive disciplines including threat detection, understanding strengths and gaps in cybersecurity, breach risk prediction, incident response/management, and IT asset inventory management.

In polling respondents, the report also found that 92 percent of organizations have AI practices that ‘barely scratch the surface’ of its potential. 89 percent report that their AI efforts have been confronted with challenges, with more than a third admitting to flawed deployment and more than a fifth citing ineffective performance. Of those that have struggled, 53 percent said that issues required ‘major changes and/or additional investment to the AI’ and 12 percent said it was problematic enough to prompt ‘scrapping’ the AI and starting over. Issues included: