Why World Password Day should be retired…

Published: Friday, 06 May 2022 08:17

5th May was the latest World Password Day, but it should be the last one says Sanjay Gupta. Passwords are an outdated, hackable idea, which organizations should move on from he says…

As a society, we should ditch passwords. Instead, our unique features, our behaviour, or our voices should be the new asset for protecting our data.

Passwords need to be put to rest.

What once was a string of characters believed to be top secret has become every cybercriminal’s haven.

World Password Day is one that needs to evolve given passwords’ vulnerability. 

Instead, we should move towards a password-less future – one that relies on biometrics such as voice, face, and fingerprints to gain digital access conveniently and securely. Besides physical biometrics, there now exist newer tools like behavioural biometrics which verifies identities by assessing their behaviour to create a unique digital fingerprint. 

However, while biometrics is the next step forward, its adoption has been stalled by people’s fear and lack of understanding of the technology. Passwords have also become too ingrained into our society, making it hard to convince people to change their habits.

The key to a password-less future starts with education. We need to help people understand how biometrics work and why it can never be stolen or misused. Passwords alone are not enough and we need to introduce a quicker, seamless authentication option that promises protection against fraudsters.

The author

Sanjay Gupta is SVP and MD of HooYu at Mitek.