Many organizations are struggling with the rise of hybrid IT

Published: Wednesday, 06 January 2016 08:49

Research from Sungard Availability Services has found that many organizations are struggling to control their increasingly complex hybrid IT environments.

The research questioned 150 senior IT decision makers in UK organizations with more than 500 employees; with an average IT spend of around £36m per year.

The research found that managing the security of hybrid IT was the biggest concern, with 38 percent of organizations reporting they lack the necessary skills to deal with security issues. Integration and interoperability were also cited as critical concerns: 27 percent of organizations felt they struggled to integrate private cloud environments into their IT estate, falling to 22 percent for public clouds.  22 percent of respondents also admitted to difficulties in managing different IT systems across separate business departments.

The skills issue is present at even the most fundamental level in hybrid IT, with a fifth of respondents having experienced a shortage of the right skill sets needed to run different applications and environments. In fact, more than one in ten (13 percent) organizations felt their hybrid IT system has required an expanded IT team to cope.

Hybrid IT is, however, viewed as a necessary part of staying competitive within their industry by 77 percent of respondents and as such, nearly three quarters (74 percent) of organizations claim they are willing to invest to ensure they have the correct levels of skill sets within their organization to successfully run their Hybrid IT estate.

The full report is available here.