Report looks at endpoint exploitation trends

Published: Monday, 18 January 2016 19:46

Bromium, Inc., has announced the publication of ‘Endpoint Exploitation Trends 2015,’ a Bromium Labs research report that analyses the ongoing security risk of popular websites and software. The report highlights that software vulnerabilities and exploits in popular applications spiked in 2015 with vulnerabilities increasing nearly 60 percent and Flash exploits increasing 200 percent. The report also highlights common attack trends, including the resurgence of macro malware, the continuous growth of ransomware and the widespread issue of malvertising.

“Attackers focus on high value targets with the path of least resistance, which means that attack vectors may shift as previously vulnerable software implements new security to mitigate attacks,” said Rahul Kashyap, EVP, Chief Security Architect. “We have seen Microsoft take great steps to improve the security of Internet Explorer and Windows, which has forced attackers to focus on Flash exploits, malvertising and macro malware delivered through phishing emails.”

Key findings from Endpoint Exploitation Trends 2015 include: