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Maintaining ICT availability and resiliency in 2015 and beyond
business continuity and organizational resilience In this article Patrick Hubbard highlights emerging areas where greater understanding is required to enable organizations to maintain current levels of ICT availability and resiliency.

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Now is the time to create a Windows Server 2003 migration plan
Five reasons why doing nothing could spell disaster.
Backup is broken: and here’s the fix
Fast, secure and reliable backup is a business-critical function so why do many organizations struggle to get it right?
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IT downtime impacts explored in new research
Forty-five percent of IT professionals report that their business is impacted if IT is down for just 15 minutes or less, and 17 percent say that disruption occurs the instant an IT outage develops.

How does database infrastructure impact both planned and unplanned downtime?
The 'State of Application Uptime in Database Environments' survey finds out.

Six benefits of modernizing your backup infrastructure
If an organization’s backup system was designed before data volumes began to grow exponentially – or before IT infrastructures became highly virtualized – the company may find itself in a tight spot. Modernization is the key, and Logicalis US has identified six benefits CIOs can realize by updating their organization’s data storage and backup infrastructure.

Five threats associated with the withdrawal of support for Windows Server 2003
Insight UK has identified five key threats faced by organizations rushing to meet the Windows Server 2003 end of support date.

Survey looks at solid state disk uptime
Whilst SSD usage is up, the technology is still a cause of downtime: one third of respondents to a Kroll Ontrack survey confirm they have experienced some sort of SSD technology malfunction.

Which threats are chief information officers most concerned about?
A recent survey commissioned by Sungard Availability Services finds that the issues concerning CIO the most are information security, downtime and talent acquisition.

The Seventh Annual State of Resilience Report
IT resilience more important than ever as the demand for data expands across all platforms.

IT disaster recovery under the spotlight
More than three in ten IT professionals report that their organization has suffered a major incident that has required them to implement disaster recovery procedures, according to a technology survey conducted by Evolve IP.

IT and data centre professionals express concern about future threats to UK power supplies
The results of Uninterruptible Power Supplies Limited’s (UPS) latest industry survey shows that IT and data centre professionals see UK power supply continuity as an increasing concern.

Vast majority of multinationals lack total control of voice infrastructure despite huge cost of downtime
Survey looks at voice systems in European organizations; business continuity testing is a weak area.

The financial cost of IT failures and downtime to businesses is revealed
UK organizations spent an average of £410,000 per incident, dealing with IT failures over the past 12 months.

Worldwide cost of data loss and downtime passes the $1.7 trillion mark
According to a new EMC survey report.

Plan B survey looks at IT disaster recovery trends
Despite over half of companies wanting to retain control of their IT disaster recovery inhouse, a lack of frequent testing is putting these businesses more at risk of IT downtime than companies which outsource.

The 2014 VM Backup Report
NAKIVO has released its 2014 VM Backup report, providing insight into the state of virtualization data protection globally.

Workplace WiFi is now business-critical say UK SMEs
75 percent of SMEs suggest a wireless network has become essential to the running of their business, rising to 84 percent of firms with more than 100 employees.

Efficient data back-up ‘turns employees into sloppy savers’
A European study by information storage and management company Iron Mountain has discovered an unexpected downside to advanced data back-up and storage capability.

New ISACA guide to IT-related risk scenarios
A guide and tool kit from ISACA provides 60 examples of IT-related risk scenarios covering 20 categories of risk that organizations can customize for their own use.

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The challenge of keeping your critical applications running: how cloud and managed services can help
Legacy applications and older IT platforms can be a business continuity headache: Ian Masters offers some advice for those struggling with the issue.

‘It must be the network’: how to avoid the blame game and reduce downtime in an app-centric IT environment
Many companies are reliant on applications to drive business-critical processes, but when downtime or slow performance cause issues it can be difficult to ascertain the root cause.

Managing availability in an app-centric environment
Companies are increasingly seeing application availability as business critical but ensuring the consistent availability and top performance of applications is far from a simple task.

Why it is sometimes better to separate voice and data systems
Unified communications is an important trend but, when it comes to business continuity planning for critical communications systems, it may not be the best approach.

How to bullet-proof your incident response plans
Ted Julian describes five steps that will help ensure that your incident response plans work when they are required.

Six ways that flash is changing the storage landscape
Key reasons why flash storage makes sense for fast access to mission-critical data in mainstream applications.

Resilience in the era of enterprise cloud computing
This paper addresses the resiliency challenges facing organizations by examining the elements essential to enabling an effective resiliency program in the era of enterprise cloud computing.

Go back to basics to avoid network outages
Many organizations fail to implement some simple processes that can help reduce the number and severity of network outages says Joel Dolisy.

Facing the BYOD challenge
Don Thomas Jacob provides BYOD risk management advice.

Preventing public streaming events impacting on network availability
Huge public streaming events such as the Winter Olympics can impact on the availability of enterprise networks: and the effects are intensifying, for several reasons.

Create resilience with automated disaster recovery
Among the hard facts IT leaders don’t want to hear is this one: traditional data protection and backup tools can’t ensure business continuity....

The advantages of deduplication in virtual environments
Wayne Salpietro and George Crump explain how deduplication reduces backup times and improves recovery efficiency.

The growing data storage dilemma
Increases in data volume impacting backup and disaster recovery strategies.

Managing Big Data risks and opportunities
We have to scale the human generated Big Data Mountain ‘Because it’s there,’ says David Gibson.

Preventing data disasters
Ten steps to prevent an organizational data catastrophe.

How to prevent admin rights abuse
A project checklist for the financial sector.

Choosing a data disaster recovery strategy
Nick Mueller provides some advice for companies considering the best route to take for data disaster recovery.

Full circle?
The revival of IT disaster recovery as a business continuity management core issue. By Lyndon Bird FBCI.

How to address the challenge of recovering hybrid environments
Advice from SunGard Availability Services.

Five tips for effective data protection in virtualized environments
VM architectures require more advanced backup and recovery processes than traditional server architectures, but these need not be complicated to select, configure and use – if appropriate consideration is given to the potential problems.

Enterprise data recovery myths
Kroll Ontrack has published a listing of what it views as the top five enterprise data recovery myths.

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