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How to design end-to-end resilient networks

ENISA has updated its advice on the essential design principles that are necessary for end-to-end (e2e) resilience of data networks.

Aimed at ensuring the availability of public networks, the new ENISA report also provides useful guidance for enterprises.

The report identifies the characteristics of a resilient system, these being:

* A resilient infrastructure features high availability that is an effect of all components;
* A resilient system should provide for business continuity and management of unforeseen or unexpected risks;
* A resilient system should offer a security level adequate to the information being transmitted;
* e2e resilience requires resilience in all components of the infrastructure.

e2e resilience is achieved by the combination of prevention, protection, response and recovery arrangements, whether technical, organizational or social.

The report also identifies good practices to achieve resilience.

The full report is available after accreditation at http://www.enisa.europa.eu/act/res/technologies/e2e

•Date: 25th Jan 2011 • Region: Europe/UK •Type: Article •Topic: IT continuity

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