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US survey identifies the top barriers to data protection deployments

Actifio has published the results of a survey completed at the VMware Users Group (VMUG) on January 20th, 2011 at Gillette Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. The survey was comprised of over 900 IT respondents highlighting the barriers to adopting a comprehensive data protection environment. The survey asked data center managers and decision makers at large and medium organizations to rank disaster protection priorities for 2011, based on importance.

Key findings include the following:

* 82 percent of respondents indicated that the complexity of procuring and managing multiple data protection tools was the number one obstacle to deploying a comprehensive data protection environment;

* 69 percent revealed that the total cost of ownership of purchasing and managing multiple point products was another top concern to implementing a robust disaster recovery plan;

* 43 percent of those surveyed highlighted network bandwidth costs as the third barrier to implementing an end-to-end disaster recovery plan.

Today's data center is mired with multiple legacy data protection tools that can't keep up with data demands and invites risk at every step. The challenges of managing multiple copies of data across these point tools for backup, disaster recovery, business continuity, analytics and compliance result in an additional 13 to 120 copies of production data stored within the IT infrastructure. This duplication of effort costs three to five times more than managing the production data itself. The issue is further intensified by the inability to manage data within available business windows: leaving organizations vulnerable to data and productivity loss and increased risk.


•Date: 10th Feb 2011 • Region: US •Type: Article •Topic: IT continuity

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