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Downtime in online business operations examined

Over three-quarters of UK IT and operations managers (79 percent) have suffered significant outages that disrupted their online business and affected delivery of services to their customers, according to a recent survey conducted by City Lifeline at this year’s Internet World.

City Lifeline questioned over 150 IT and operations managers from a number of Internet-based businesses and uncovered that 18 percent of outages were caused by data centre failure, 45 percent were caused by failure of their Internet communications and 16 percent from another cause. A fortunate 21 percent said they had never suffered any such outage.

In addition to this, nearly half of managers questioned (42 percent) admitted that their business relies on one external data centre to deliver services to their customers, with 17 percent depending on two, 10 percent relying on three or more and 31 percent keeping all their operations in-house.

Roger Keenan, managing director at City Lifeline comments: “It worries me to see that Internet-dependent businesses are entrusting their most critical processes to a single supplier operating just one data centre. Our survey shows that outages do happen to any company, regardless of size, so those who rely on just one data centre are placing their business at considerable risk.

“Companies reliant on Internet communications, in particular, need to be resilient and ensure that wherever possible everything runs on at least two well-spaced sites, operated by at least two companies independent of each other, with automatic fall-over and diverse communications between them.”


•Date: 28th June 2011 • Region: UK •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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