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Scale of Olympics-related business continuity issues highlighted

With an estimated population influx of two million people in London, organizations should not expect business to be as usual during the Olympic Games 2012.

The entire Olympics and Paralympic Games period is scheduled to last approximately three months from when the venue opens on the 27th June until it closes on the 16th September. Organizations should prepare themselves for disruptions due to the expected influx of journalists, athletes and tourists into the country. It has been estimated that there will be half a million extra public transport journeys in London a day. On top of this many major roads will be closed due to sporting activities and movements of people.

“It is essential that your organization fully prepares for the event. There will be up to three hour delays on public transport, potential terrorist activity, criminal activity, public disorder and domestic extremism,” stated Paul Eskriett, Principal Security and Contingency Planning Advisor from The City of London Corporation in a seminar held by Frontier Technology, the City of London and Microsoft recently.

To ensure that your company and employees stay safe and productive, it is essential to have a fully planned, well-tested business continuity plan and methods to ensure your workforce can work from any location at any time.

Some of the delegates at the above event stated that they were changing their working days during the Olympics; staff will come into the office early and leave early. Others were only asking key staff to come into the office, the remainder will log in remotely and work at home. 90 percent of the businesses present had remote working technologies in place, but few felt that their systems would be adequate to keep their businesses up and running during the Olympics and were considering upgrading their services and buying more licenses.

It was advised that companies should stock on supplies and reduce deliveries to a minimum.

The City of London has suggested that companies regularly check the following websites to keep up to date with the Olympics plans:

Cloud computing solution launched to assist with London Olympics business continuity issues

Frontier Technology believes that cloud computing offers a compelling solution to the above issues and that the flexibility and pay-per-use model means that it can be used temporarily during events such as the Olympics.

The company has decided to offer a three month cloud computing service to protect businesses during the Olympics. Clients choose which data and applications they want to be made available and they are delivered on demand to employees from any location, using any Internet connected device, with any type of Internet connection. To ensure extra business continuity, systems are then replicated from one data centre to another located over 60 miles away. After the three month period (or however long is required) your systems are seamlessly transferred to your desired location without any disruption to your IT systems.


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