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Neverfail launches Virtual Availability Director

Neverfail has announced that it is releasing the Neverfail Virtual Availability Director which uses Neverfail's advanced server protection technology combined with the vSphere Client application to provide a single console from where administrators can manage and maintain continuous availability for all their business critical applications.

While server virtualization does introduce some basic availability options, a major challenge for companies with virtualized environments is the inability to implement a complete business continuity solution for tier-1 applications from within vSphere, says Neverfail. This is because virtualization solutions do not support physical servers or heterogeneous hypervisors, and they also focus more on maintaining infrastructure rather than maintaining applications. Until now, the traditional approach has been to integrate multiple technologies in order to cover all their bases. The result? A high product cost that often doesn't meet the needs of tier-1 business applications.

The Neverfail Virtual Availability Director solves the availability problem for VMware users by extending the vSphere Client and providing one solution to keep applications – whether virtual or physical – up and running in the event of downtime. Virtual Availability Director combines real-time data replication with application-level monitoring and management to provide customers with ‘unparalleled protection’. The solution leverages virtualized stand-by servers to reduce the impact of downtime and allow users to stay connected.

The Virtual Availability Director, a plug-in to VMware's vSphere management system, allows companies to manage the availability of their business applications from the vSphere client. The Virtual Availability Director is ideal for VMware customers with a need for advanced protection options as it adds application-aware monitoring of critical servers, protection from OS/application-layer failure scenarios, and enables faster recovery times and more granular recovery options.


•Date: 13th October 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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