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State of Resilience 2011

Vision Solutions has published its fourth annual ‘State of Resilience’ report, which looks at IT systems resiliency practices and expected changes going forward.

The report is based on data collected from eight surveys conducted by Vision Solutions from January to October 2011. The surveys were collected online using Web-based survey tools targeted toward IT professionals. In total, 6,300 responses were received, with over 100 countries represented.

Key points include:

  • Organizations are highly engaged with disruptive technologies, such as virtualization and cloud computing, that create new business value and more responding companies than ever before have virtualized their servers for production applications, while the number of organizations that have implemented or are planning to implement cloud computing has also gone up.
  • New technologies do not necessarily guarantee efficient, automated data protection and recovery. Greater system complexity requires a comprehensive approach to data protection management. While individual backup solutions might be easy to implement, configuring multiple products into a comprehensive protection plan requires deep expertise.True resilience calls for cohesive protection solutions integrated for interoperability and ease of use. Businesses must consider a single protection scheme that spans multiple platforms.
  • The research shows that, in general, companies are using the same mix of data protection technologies as last year, with tape predominant. Virtualized shops, however, were making deliberate choices among protection technologies, using different data protection schemes for physical versus virtual servers. Overall, IT shops experienced more unrecoverable data loss and showed greater tolerance for data loss; clearly, these are vulnerabilities that must be addressed. Findings also show that professionals' confidence in their disaster recovery plans decreased significantly this year.
  • Business directives to provide 24/7 data availability to users appear to be driving the adoption of high performance, high availability technology. However, organizations must align their data protection schemes strategically and operationally with these business directives. Speed, accessibility, and recovery capabilities will be key considerations. It remains to be seen whether users' needs for 24/7 access could change the use of tape in the data center/centre and drive even more organizations to disk-based and software-based recovery solutions.

To download a copy of the full report, visit http://www.visionsolutions.com/webforms/state2011.aspx Registration is required.

•Date: 9th December 2011 • Region: World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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