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New Iron Mountain services make backup tapes more useful

Iron Mountain Incorporated has announced three new offerings aimed at helping customers to find and retrieve files stored on magnetic tape cartridges. The services, Iron Mountain Tape Identification, Iron Mountain Data Restoration and Iron Mountain Media Migration, enable organizations to identify specific files stored on tapes, access this data for legal discovery or other business needs, and transfer the data to newer media formats. While tape’s low cost and solid reliability have long made it the dominant media for backing up data, the nature in which it catalogs files challenges companies to quickly access specific information. Iron Mountain’s new services make data stored on tape easier to find, access and manage.

“Data continues to grow exponentially, and organizations are struggling to store it cost effectively, while ensuring they have fast access to it,” said Blaine Rigler, senior vice president and general manager, data backup and recovery, Iron Mountain. “Most of this data is archival, most likely never to be needed again, yet organizations keep it for compliance reasons and in the event of disaster or litigation. In these scenarios, tape can be a viable solution, but it still requires additional functionality to discover what’s on these tapes, retrieve the information and, if necessary, migrate the data to a compliant media format. With our new services, we expand tape’s utility as an archival media so customers can find, restore and migrate data without the management headaches and high price tag typical of these processes.”

The new services:

  • Tape Identification – available on a per project basis, organizations can find what information resides on legacy backup tapes;
  • Data Restoration – available on demand or through a long-term subscription, this allows organizations to easily identify, and deliver the data contained on backup media, without requiring the IT system that originally created the data;
  • Media Migration – available on a subscription basis, provides organizations with easy access to their data on tape, DVD or their preferred media, regardless of how it was originally stored.


•Date: 8th March 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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