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eContinuity: a new telecoms continuity service

Stage 2 Networks has announced the launch of eContinuity, its latest business continuity service. eContinuity provides auto failover for businesses that have a voice trunking network instead of hosted VoIP service.

As more and more businesses are migrating to hosted VoIP and cloud communications, which typically provide business continuity as a standard, there are still many companies that maintain their own communications network using PRIs or SIP trunks. To ensure that their communications network does not have intermittent outages or complete downtime, these companies must spend time, money and resources on multiple redundancy points, in many cases, through several different providers.

Stage 2 Networks says that its eContinuity service is unique because it is cost effective for businesses managing their own communications network and uses only one service provider to maintain and manage all redundant points. Some of the features include redundant failover to alternative bandwidth, direct trunk overflow (redirect phone numbers to another number or location), call forward if the system shows no response, call intercept with auto attendant, redundant voicemail and provider backup should the company's premise-based PBX have an outage.

"As a hosted service provider, we realized that many of our non-hosted customers, specifically those purchasing SIP trunks, were spending far too much money and resources on business continuity. Since Stage 2 already has the network in place for auto failover to our hosted customers, we decided to extend the offering of this service to the non-hosted business segment," said Joe Gillette, CEO of Stage 2 Networks and a founding member of the Cloud Communications Alliance. "As a New York-based company, we have seen the perils of what can happen to business communications when a crisis occurs: our eContinuity service will give businesses peace of mind."


•Date: 22nd March 2012 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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