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Quantum Corp. has published survey findings focused on disaster recovery from its 2012 IT Manager Survey. According to the survey, 90 percent of IT decision makers think their data is vulnerable in the event of a disaster. While only a three percent increase in perceived risk from Quantum's 2010 survey findings, this is particularly notable considering all of the focus on improving disaster recovery over the last few years. Twenty-seven percent experienced some form of data security incident in the last year, only 15 percent of which were due to natural disasters.

The survey also found:

  • The number of respondents describing their organization's data as "extremely vulnerable" edged up from 8 percent in the 2010 survey to 11 percent, and the number who felt minimally vulnerable or not vulnerable shrank from 51 percent to 31 percent.
  • The most common data security incident was virus attacks, up 7 percentage points from 2010, showing the need to have a robust backup process in place as viruses can permeate multiple data copies.
  • Operating system failure (48 percent) was the next most common security issue, which saw a 21 percentage point increase from the previous survey.
  • While 68 percent of respondents back up data daily or more frequently for disaster recovery purposes, 16 percent back up weekly or less, showing there is still room for adoption of best practices.
  • Companies that aren't able to restore their archive or disaster recovery data face significant delays in business activities, lost revenue, and a negative impact on resources. Half of all respondents noted that a data restore problem could put service level agreements with customers at risk. All of these consequences directly affect a company's financials.

    In February 2012, Quantum contracted Toluna to conduct a survey of 500 IT decisions makers at businesses with at least 100 employees. To be included in the survey, respondents were pre-screened to ensure they were involved with the data storage function at their organization.

For more details on the results, methodologies, and demographics of the survey, visit: http://www.slideshare.net/QuantumCorp/data-protection-survey-2012-data-vulnerability-13758525

•Date: 27th July 2012 • US/World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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