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UNSi launches single IP failover solution

United Network Services, Inc. (UNSi), a next generation carrier and provider of managed services, has announced the availability of what it claims is a unique back-up solution. Called Same IP Failover (SIF), the solution enables a business to automatically failover from a primary Internet connection to a back-up Internet connection while maintaining the same inbound IP Addresses without the need for Border Gateway Protocol (BGP).

SIF has been designed to simplify the management of maintaining inbound access to facilities during outages of one or more Internet access circuits.

SIF is a managed solution that is supported by service level agreements, and typically requires an on-net circuit coupled with an off-net circuit. It provides a single handoff to the client firewall that maintains the same IP space regardless of the path it takes. Using SIF, UNSi can deliver a /29 to a client across multiple paths, eliminating the need for BGP or for an end user to procure their own autonomous system number (ASN). SIF can be delivered via various different access options -- copper, fiber, coax or wireless.

The on-net service for SIF can include DIA, MPLS/DIA, or VPLS/DIA.

Please contact UNSi for special pricing: 855.UNSi.999 or email partnerships@unsi.net

•Date: 27th July 2012 • US •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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