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Data recovery trends

A survey conducted by Kroll Ontrack has looked at the data protection and recovery challenges being faced by organizations around the world.

While sixty-two percent of survey respondents are leveraging the cloud and/or virtualisation, only 33 percent of these organizations test data recovery plans regularly to ensure proper protocols are in place to protect this data.

Forty-nine percent of organizations reported experiencing some type of data loss in the last year, but not necessarily from the cloud. Fifty-five percent said data was lost from a traditional storage device in contrast to 26 percent who reported a data loss from a virtual environment, 3 percent who reported a loss from the cloud and 16 percent who experienced data loss from both a virtual environment as well as the cloud.

“It is clear that the cloud is quickly gaining ground among organizations looking to streamline their technology infrastructure and cut information technology costs, as 26 percent of respondents reported leveraging infrastructure as a service (IaaS), 16 percent reported leveraging software as a service (SaaS) and 13 percent reported utilising both IaaS and SaaS” said Robert Winter, chief engineer, Kroll Ontrack UK. “However, if there is anything that technology has taught us, it is that data loss can occur in any environment, regardless of the specific technology. The key to minimising a data loss risk and successfully recovering from a loss is asking the right questions prior to adopting a new storage medium and amending your policies and procedures accordingly.”

Key questions to consider prior to incorporating cloud in your storage architecture include:

  • Are backup systems and protocols in place? Do these systems and protocols meet your own in-house backup standards?
  • Does your cloud vendor have a data recovery provider identified in its business continuity/disaster recovery plan?
  • What are the service level agreements with regard to data recovery, liability for loss, remediation and business outcomes?
  • Can you share data between cloud services? If you terminate a cloud relationship can you get your data back? If so, what format will it be in? How can you be sure all other copies are destroyed?

When asked about their cloud provider’s ability to properly handle data loss incidents, only 29 percent revealed a lack of confidence, compared to 55 percent of respondents in 2011. However, just 17 percent of respondents revealed that they test their data recovery plan regularly to validate technical and personnel readiness against cloud or virtual data loss technical recovery capabilities and 13 percent responded that they do not have a data recovery plan.

Conducted at VMware Forums globally, this in-person survey included 367 IT professionals. Fifty-one percent of those surveyed represented enterprises, while 32 percent were service providers.


•Date: 15th August 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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