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FireHost expands business continuity solutions for websites and apps

FireHost, the secure cloud hosting company, has announced new business continuity choices supported by DYN DNS hosting. DNS hosting extends FireHost’s business continuity capabilities beyond high-availability and load balancing solutions. The new business continuity options support clients who require constant uptime and sophisticated failover configurations for their websites or Web applications.

FireHost’s new business continuity solutions let customers make proactive choices about distributing Web traffic between 17 different failover facilities that are dispersed across five continents. Customers that require additional control can ‘layer on’ advanced DNS hosting features:

Active Failover: automatically routes Internet traffic to available hosting resources in secondary facilities if a physical disruption to the primary hosting infrastructure occurs. The re-routing is pre-configured via rule sets ensuring a seamless experience for end users.

Traffic Management: Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) lets FireHost distribute application load between global data centres, multiple cloud hosting infrastructures, or a variety of content delivery network (CDN) providers. Traffic management detects failures and automatically routes Internet traffic to the nearest available physical server, alerts system administrators, and provides high-level stability and availability for Web applications.

Advanced Traffic Management: building on Traffic Management, this sophisticated business continuity configuration features regional rule sets with granular geo-traffic management. This allows Web application administrators to pin visitors to the nearest hosting infrastructure for increased speed, performance, and budget controls.

FireHost has an exclusive DNS hosting partnership with Dyn, which provides the secure host with an enterprise-grade, globally diverse IP network, eliminating the worry of extended downtime and management of domain name servers. By participating in such a robust business continuity program, FireHost customers can survive disruptions of any scale, maximise their Web performance and ensure a high quality Web experience for their own end users.


•Date: 17th August 2012 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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