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Delivering the Available Enterprise

SunGard Availability Services has worked with Nelson Phillips, Professor of Strategy and Organisational Behaviour at Imperial College London to write a new report: ‘Delivering the Available Enterprise’. This looks at the challenges organizations face when keeping people and information connected in today’s changing business landscape. The report is based on in-depth discussions with C-level and senior management IT decision makers across the UK, France and Nordic countries.

“The window to deliver change and effectively connect people and information won’t always be open,” says Professor Phillips. “The report looks to highlight the increasing pressure facing senior decision makers to deliver an ‘always on’ enterprise, something that the research highlights as set to increase further, as customer and staff pressure levels look to increase significantly over the next five years.”

The report also highlights the most important areas to address in resolving the problem of availability. Companies across the UK, France and the Nordics need to think beyond the IT infrastructure, taking into account people, key business processes and changing trends – in particular mobile working and consumerisation of IT - to have a more integrated approach to IT. In addition, the commitment of time and resources from board and senior management comes across strongly in both the report and research findings as essential components in building and managing an available enterprise.

In conjunction with the report, SunGard commissioned a study of 450 senior IT decision-makers across the UK, France and the Nordics, which revealed that 80 percent of organizations across the three areas do not have the right skills and resources to completely manage availability effectively. This means they are struggling to get a handle on the key business processes, people and systems required to keep people and information connected. As a result, the majority of companies in the UK (87 percent), France (83 percent) and the Nordics (86 percent) admit that customer and staff expectations of availability are not always met. In terms of the specific issues to address, overly complex infrastructures and a lack of dedicated funding are the biggest pain points for the enterprises.

Delivering the Available Enterprise is available for download at www.availableenterprise.co.uk

•Date: 14th Sept 2012 • UK •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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