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‘Business Continuity: Emerging Trends’

To help enterprises identify the impacts that emerging technology trends can have on business continuity management, global IT association ISACA has released a new white paper entitled ‘Business Continuity: Emerging Trends.’

The white paper provides an overview of the impacts, benefits and opportunities of four emerging technologies (virtualization, cloud computing, mobile devices and social networks) as they relate to business continuity. It identifies challenges, and governance, assurance and risk management practices.

The paper says that recognizing factors that impact business continuity can help enterprises build resilient infrastructures, design sustainable supply chains, and define communication and contingency procedures to restore critical business operations within acceptable recovery times. Business continuity management should evolve as business practices and emerging technologies continue to shape the business landscape, and should address:

  • Greater customer expectations
  • Increased regulatory and legal requirements
  • The enterprise’s strategic planning to ensure proper alignment
  • Continuous improvement through regular reviews, testing and updates.

Business Continuity: Emerging Trends is available at www.isaca.org/business-continuity

•Date: 4th Jan 2013 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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