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Weekly testing critical to recovery of data, applications and systems

Quorum has published a new report that focuses on disaster recovery testing as a critical piece of overall business continuity. In ‘Always Be Testing: Making the Case for ABT,’ Quorum advises regular, weekly testing as the only way to identify changes, inconsistencies and problems in an organization's environment that could derail the recovery of data, applications and systems.

However many organizations are resistant to weekly testing, complaining of the cost, time and complexities associated with regular testing. If these organizations do test, the chances are they resort to‘workarounds,’ in which they perform a scaled-down version of a test in a partial environment or a partial format. They do not test all data, on all servers, involve all hardware and components, and account for all changes in the environment.

Given that weekly testing using a traditional solution is time- and cost-prohibitive, the report suggests looking into a solution that enables on-demand and automatic testing, which can make weekly testing relatively painless.

To read ‘Always Be Testing: Making the Case for ABT,’ please click here.

•Date: 20th March 2013 • World •Type: Article • Topic: ICT continuity

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